Tandoori Specialities

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £5.95

Diced chicken or lamb roasted on skewers in theTandoor, mild

Tandoori Chicken £5.95

BBQ pieces of chicken from the Tandoor in our own marinade

Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken £7.25

Tandoori King Prawns £10.95

BBQ king prawns from the clay oven in our own marinade

Tandoori Mixed Grill (served with nan) £8.50

Diced chicken & lamb tikka, tandoori chicken & sheek kebab

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Shaslik £7.95

Pieces of diced chicken tikka or lamb tikka, cooked on skewers with onion & green peppers

Duck  Shashlik £10.95

Duck breast, mixed herbs & spices with yoghurt & mustard