Curry Dishes

Rice is not included

Vegetable, Chicken or Lamb. All chicken is off the bone.

Curry  (medium) £5.50

Kurma (very, very mild) £6.50

Cooked with cream &coconut

Madras (fairly hot) £5.50

Vindaloo (very hot) £5.95

Phall (very,very hot) £5.95

Bhuna (medium) £5.95

With onions.tomatoes & herbs

Bombay (medium) £5.95

Cooked with egg and potato

Dupiaza (medium) £5.95

Cooked with chopped onions

Malayan (medium) £5.95

Cooked with pineapple

Kashmir (mild) £5.95

Cooked with bananas

Ceylon (hot) £6.50

Cooked with coconut

Rogan Josh (medium) £6.75

Cooked with tomatoes

Pathia (fairly hot) £6.50

With onions, sweet and sour

Dhansak (fairly hot) £6.50

Cooked with lentils, sweet & sour

Sag Chicken or Sag Gost (medium) £6.95

Cooked with spinach