Chef's Specialities

Hari Mirchi Bhuna £7.50

Pieces of lamb cooked with spinach, fresh chillies & coriander

Rezalla Chicken (slightly hot) £7.50

Tandoori chicken diced offtfle bone,cooked with onion,green chillies& peppers in a massalla sauce

Chicken or Lamb Chilli Massalla (hot) £7.25

Cooked with green chillies

Chicken/Lamb Podhina (medium) £7.25

Chicken or lamb cooked with a touch of garlic, ginger, onions, tomato and fresh mint

Chicken Torkary (touch hot) £6.95

Tikka chicken cooked in onions, tomatoes and fresh vegetables with special spices

Tandoori Garlic Chilli Massalla (hot) £7.50

Tandoori chicken off the bone with fresh garlic & chillies

Hot and Spicy £6.50

Chicken thinly sliced, chopped onions, peppers and green chillies

House Special Curry £9.95

Chicken with prawn, king prawn & egg in medium hot spice

Delhi Korai (a touch hot) £7.25

Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh ginger, peppers & exotic spices with fresh chillies

Butter Chicken £8.25

Chicken cooked with a creamy mild sauce

Simla Special (medium hot) £8.95

King prawns (with shell), chicken tikka & spicy meatballs cooked with onion, peppers & fresh spices

Kufta Bhuna £7.25

Meatballs cooked in medium hot spices

Bangladeshi Tilapia Fish Curry £7.95

A delicate and colourful dish with a fusion of spices & green chillies adding background- not a strong flavour

Lal Zal Murge £7.95

Goujonsof  chicken with fresh red chillies topped with spring onion, chilli, coriander. For Spicy curry lovers

Lamb Aloo Gost £7.25

Tender lamb with potato, Bangladeshi shatkora, fresh tomato slices, mixed spicy garnish & fresh ginger

Murchi Mass Baza £7.95

Tilapia fish fillet, shallow fried with lots of onion & chillies

Murge Mathi £7.95

Tender chunks of chicken or lamb,flavoured with fenugreek

Achari Chicken or Meat (medium) £6.95

Bhuna with spicy pickle a touch of garlic and ginger

Murgi Masala £6.95

Chicken cooked with minced lamb and egg

Jaffron Chicken £7.95

Barbecue chicken in garlic and lemon sauce, medium

Garlic Chicken £6.95

Chicken cooked with garlic in medium spicy sauce

Bangla Murgh Shatkora £7.25

Grilled chicken with bangladeshi lime, medium a unique taste

Naga Duck £9.95

Duck breast cooked with opinion, tomato, pepper and Naga pickle (Very hot Bangladeshi chilli). Full flavoured & Hot